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The telecommunications industry is evolving rapidly, with it’s traditional model disrupted alongside growing competition and regulatory pressure. The need to understand and protect margin has therefore never been more important.

The 5G network migration and ever-increasing IOT devices, amongst many other market challenges, demonstrates the need to develop new operating models and ways of working. With technology and data at the core of this shift, it is these developments that will define margin today and determine financial performance for the long term.

We provide our clients with detailed margin intelligence and end-to-end assurance, supporting our clients to protect their margin through levers firmly within their control.

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We work with our clients to identify new revenue streams, and develop bespoke infratech to optimise network performance, reduce energy consumption and minimise maintenance costs.

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We help our clients to improve operational efficiency, reducing energy consumption, optimising staffing levels, and streamlining procurement processes. We provide advanced capacity planning, optimising power and cooling infrastructure, reconfiguring server racks, and identifying opportunities for cloud migration.

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We support our clients on their journey to Margin Excellence™, utilising detailed intelligence to drive both operational efficiency and network optimisation. We develop bespoke infratech to increase the agility and flexibility of the network, leveraging new technologies to transform performance.

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We help our clients to optimize their networks, improve their margins, and stay ahead of the competition in a rapidly evolving market. Placing data at the centre of their organisation, we harness the power of infratech to increase network agility and pricing flexibility.

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Our Solutions

Margin Excellence™

Margin Excellence™  is the alignment of insight, operational activities and transformation to achieve the full power of your profitability. Our M³ Model delivers the tools, capabilities and processes to reach Margin Excellence.

Intelligent Operations

Intelligent Operations places data and human ingenuity at the very centre of your organisation, transforming performance through a combination of data-led analytics, real-world understanding and industry experience.


Infratech has the power to transform the backbone of your operation. Using core technology solutions we can solve your most complex challenges, delivering efficiency, connectivity and resilience.