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The Transportation & Logistics sector is evolving at pace. Escalating competition, high customer expectations, and human dependencies, digitisation and automation are placing industry leaders under intense pressure.

Disruptive technologies such as personal devices, the Internet of Things (IoT), augmented reality (AR) and the “new mobility” of autonomous vehicles, electrification and transport drones are creating a new and very challenging environment. Transportation & Logistics companies must leverage data effectively to create intelligent and resilient operations that understand, protect and optimise margin.

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We support our clients to put data at the centre of their organisations, transforming performance through advanced analytics, visualisation and hyperautomation.

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We use core technology solutions to solve our clients’ most complex challenges, delivering efficiency, connectivity and resilience.

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Our Solutions

Margin Excellence™

Margin Excellence™  is the alignment of insight, operational activities and transformation to achieve the full power of your profitability. Our M³ Model delivers the tools, capabilities and processes to reach Margin Excellence.

Intelligent Operations

Intelligent Operations places data and human ingenuity at the very centre of your organisation, transforming performance through a combination of data-led analytics, real-world understanding and industry experience.


Infratech has the power to transform the backbone of your operation. Using core technology solutions we can solve your most complex challenges, delivering efficiency, connectivity and resilience.