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The utilities landscape is undergoing transformation and unprecedented stress created by competing demands from Net Zero targets, global energy prices, changing customer needs and new stakeholders likely to impact the long-term shape of the market.

This pressure will continue as the global need to coordinate sustainable energy sources becomes even more critical. This complexity combined with the speed of change in data and technology development is resulting in margin pressures and challenges to operational resilience.

We partner with our clients to deliver granular insight and drive margin transformation. Supporting our clients to tackle ever-increasing margin pressures through enhanced operational resilience.

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We provide detailed intelligence and assurance to deliver tangible improvements in customer experience and margin performance. Partnering with our clients to implement transformation that directly impacts the bottom line.

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We build infratech to optimise the operation and maintenance of renewable energy projects. Implementing maintenance strategies, optimising performance, and managing equipment downtime and repairs.

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We create detailed margin insight to improve operations and reduce costs, supporting our clients by building resilience into their operation. Our bespoke and granular data models enable our clients to simply and easily create powerful analysis focused on consumption patterns, billing or customer characteristics.

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Our Solutions

Margin Excellence™

Margin Excellence™  is the alignment of insight, operational activities and transformation to achieve the full power of your profitability. Our M³ Model delivers the tools, capabilities and processes to reach Margin Excellence.

Intelligent Operations

Intelligent Operations places data and human ingenuity at the very centre of your organisation, transforming performance through a combination of data-led analytics, real-world understanding and industry experience.


Infratech has the power to transform the backbone of your operation. Using core technology solutions we can solve your most complex challenges, delivering efficiency, connectivity and resilience.