Utilities, Energy Supply, B2B

Improving billing and debt performance through margin assurance


Our existing B2B energy supplier client needed assurance around their end-to-end billing process. They were concerned about inefficiencies in the process including the volume of open workflow items, the number of manual interventions required and the duplication of work.

Utilising our Margin Assurance Control Frameworks we were able to provide an overview of the entire billing journey, identifying the top 10 exception points together with the volume and value of bills that dropped out at each point. We identified that 6% went through the billing journey up to 5 times prior to being successfully billed, resulting in 5m open workflow items.

We collaborated with our client’s operational teams to provide practical recommendations to resolve the underlying root causes which included £5.8m manual back-billing that could be automated, £4m of debt directly fixable through billing, 56% of final bills based on estimated reads and 23% of AMR meters without actual meter reads.