Portfolio Solutions

Transparency and insight across your portfolio.

What We Do

Our Portfolio Solutions are for Infrastructure Funds and Private Equity firms that require complete transparency, powerful insights and tangible performance improvements, across a portfolio of assets. Driving better investment decisions, reducing risk and increasing value.

We can help you answer these questions:

  • 1

    How is my portfolio performing from a financial and procurement perspective?

  • 2

    How do my assets perform against best practise?

  • 3

    What cost reduction opportunities exist across my portfolio?

  • 4

    How can I tackle sub-optimal performance?

  • 5

    Why are my assets not delivering the margin expected?

  • 6

    How can I improve margin across my portfolio or within specific assets?

We Can Help With:

We build portfolio-level models that provide granular insights into financial and procurement performance. Partnering with our clients we drive effective cost-reduction programmes and deliver tangible, targeted performance improvements.

Portfolio Intelligence

Our bespoke, portfolio-level models are capable of extracting and aligning data from multiple, disparate platforms to create a single, timely financial update. Developed at the GL code and procurement code level, they provide complete transparency and comprehensive understanding.

Our in-depth insights enable our clients to take confident decisions that directly improve performance. Combining portfolio intelligence with best practice benchmarks, we can efficiently identify cost reduction activities, and opportunities to optimise margins at both portfolio and asset levels.

Portfolio & Asset Level Delivery

Where assets are not delivering the expected level of performance, we can provide direct support. Through our Margin Excellence and Intelligent Operations solutions, we partner with our clients to drive transformation initiatives, leveraging the power of data, controls and Infratech to deliver tangible improvements. 


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