The Impact of Trade Effluent Issues

Trade Effluent (TE) has a disproportionate and significant impact on the profitability of NHH retailers, despite making up only 1% of premises in the market. Based on our work with multiple large retailers TE issues on average contribute to 20% of all operational errors impacting gross margin, cost to serve and collections.

Notably, the Consumer Council for Water, in its 5 year review of the Water Retail Market, highlighted that large customers – those with greatest number of TE premises – are also the most likely to complain even though they have the greatest engagement from retailers. A major driver of these complaints is the complexity associated with trade effluent billing, which is arguably the most complicated type of billing across all utilities

Fortify & Partners’ industry leading NHH Water Team are technical experts with a wealth of knowledge and experience across all aspects of the market. We have a deep understanding of the data, controls and processes in the water retail market having worked with both retailers and wholesalers on their most difficult challenges. Please get in touch to discuss our structured approach to comprehensively resolving complex TE issues.

Is Trade Effluent Billing Impacting your Margin?

Wave Utilities CEO Lucy Darch and shares how Fortify supported Wave in tackling the complex world of Trade Effluent billing and the challenging data set up.

Fortify Masterclasses: Non-Household Water Series

We are excited to announce the arrival of our Non-Household Water Masterclass Series. The Series is created and delivered by our industry leading NHH Water Team – renowned technical experts with a wealth of knowledge and experience across all aspects of the market.

The first in the Series is our Trade Effluent Programme. Join us in either London or Edinburgh, dates available throughout 2024.

Who is this for?

Our practical course is designed to guide you from the
basics to the most complex aspects of Trade Effluent
billing and data setup. The course is a personalised,
structured day in an engaging, face-to-face setting for:

    • Operational, Trade Effluent and Finance teams in NHH Retailers
    • Wholesaler Service Desk teams in water and wastewater companies.

Special discounts available for those with industry membership.

Register your interest today.