Margin-Led Delivery

Transform your performance based on margin insight.

What We Do

We partner with our clients to deliver transformation driven by margin insight. We do this in two ways:

We Can Help With:

Margin Centric Transformation

Change through the lens of margin.

The most profitable organisations are those that seek the skills, culture and experience to turn insight into action and directly hit the bottom line.

We partner with our clients to identify, define and deliver projects that:

  • Close margin gaps for individual customers or products
  • Enhance the value of customer cohorts/sales channels
  • Exit loss-making customer segments
  • Implement automation and controls in revenue-generating processes
  • Optimise structure to deliver operational efficiency and improve customer journeys
  • Implement Fortify prioritisation matrix across the change portfolio
  • Rationalise product/service offerings
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Zero-Based Transformation

Reimagining your cost base.

The world is going through unprecedented change: supply chain disruption, record wholesale energy prices, global inflation and slower economic growth.

How can Boards and shareholders tackle the financial implications of this unparalleled challenge? Where do they begin?

Traditional approaches that are based on past performance and deliver short-term cost reduction strategies no longer achieve the transformation required. Reimagining your cost base from a clean sheet is a highly effective approach that drives a rethink of priorities, an owner-operator mindset from employees, and a reallocation of investment that delivers growth and resilience.

We help our clients to achieve this through a zero-based transformation that is tailored to each of their unique needs. We partner with our clients to:

  • Create full transparency of costs and activities
  • Use Margin Intelligence to define high vs. low-value activities
  • Prioritise saving areas and established targets
  • Introduce clear mechanisms for tracking costs
  • Implement action plan and milestones
  • Highlight agreed areas to reinvest savings and drive company growth
  • Embed a culture of cost ownership
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  • Delivered improvements in the margin at portfolio and customer level
  • Reprioritisation of investments
  • Resolution of margin-impacting operational issues
  • A culture of cost ownership from the board to the frontline
  • Full transparency of costs and high vs. low-value activities
  • Defined customer segments and personalisation strategies
  • Efficiency and consistency through automation


To explore further, please do get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.