Infrastructure Funds & Private Equity

Understanding and improving performance across disparate portfolios, together with the agility to operate at asset level, is integral to the Infrastructure Fund and Private Equity market; optimising value is the ultimate goal. We provide our clients with the right tools and support to increase the pace and efficiency of performance improvement.

We provide a comprehensive evaluation of potential investments, enhanced by operational benchmarking. Identifying potential risks and opportunities for value creation in areas such as financial performance, management, maintenance, regulatory compliance and the supply chain.

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We identify and implement strategies that optimise performance. Reducing maintenance costs, enhancing customer experience, and identifying new revenue streams or opportunities for growth.

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We align disparate data from multiple platforms to deliver prompt financial updates, with transparency at an accounting level across each asset, enabling the implementation of value-adding and de-risking strategies.

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What We Can Do For You

Portfolio Solutions

Our Portfolio Solutions deliver complete transparency, powerful insights and tangible performance improvements, across a portfolio of assets. Driving better investment decisions, reducing risk and increasing value.

Margin Excellence™

Margin Excellence™  is the alignment of insight, operational activities and transformation to achieve the full power of your profitability. Our M³ Model™ delivers the tools, capabilities and processes to reach Margin Excellence.

Intelligent Operations

Intelligent Operations places data and human ingenuity at the very centre of your organisation, transforming performance through a combination of data-led analytics, real-world understanding and industry experience.


Infratech has the power to transform the backbone of your operation. Using core technology solutions we can solve your most complex challenges, delivering efficiency, connectivity and resilience.