Utilities, Energy Supply, B2B

£3.3m in margin recovery and protection through automation and assurance


Our client, a B2B energy supplier, requested tactical assurance of their broker commissions process, which paid in excess of £30m commissions, lacked transparency and had limited governance and controls in place.

We utilised our Margin Assurance Frameworks and Methodologies to identify control weaknesses and corresponding margin leakage across the end-to-end process.

We identified a single letter within the detailed code which had a net impact of £1.8m in inaccurate payments that had already been made and a further £1.5m at risk had no action been taken.

In partnership with our client, we corrected the error, blocked at-risk commission payments and created a recovery strategy to deal fairly and reasonably with the incorrect payments. We built automation into the tool to reduce the opportunity for manual error and single points of failure in the future.