Data & Implementation

Data is the foundation of an intelligent business. Our data toolkit supports you at every step of your data journey

Our Data Toolkit


Our data toolkit supports you at every step of your data journey:

Data Strategy 

Creates a foundation for data innovation. We help you to align your data to your business goals, creating a unified strategy that everyone understands and believes in, and building a data culture that enhances that understanding. Empowering teams and increasing revenue. 

Infrastructure, Database & ETL 

We help you to rethink your business model with data at its core, designing a data infrastructure that gives you a long-term platform for sustained growth. We support you through environment set-up, relational database creation and ETL process.

Implementation & Migration 

We specialise in implementation and data migration for billing, metering and collections tools. Our experience spans multiple industry-leading systems and a vast range of approaches, from big-bang replacements to phased migrations.


We empower your teams to make more effective, data-driven decisions. Delivering targeted data when and where it’s needed, from operational reporting and business dashboards to predictive analytics that increases profitability.  


We enable business and non-technical users to create, visualise and share their own insights without learning SQL. Building and modifying dynamic charts with advanced filtering capabilities so you can spend more time on business decisions and less on data preparation.


We utilise a range of tools including robotic process automation (RPA), machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI), and optical character recognition (OCR) to identify and automate key business processes, transforming the speed, accuracy and efficiency of even your most complex tasks. Freeing up your team to focus on high-value activities that improve business performance.

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