Improving profit through Margin Intelligence, Assurance & Recovery

Improving profit through Margin Intelligence, Assurance & Recovery


Against the backdrop of a new B2B water market and with the additional uncertainty caused by Covid, our client, a UK B2B water retailer, needed a granular understanding of their margin performance, and the capability to prevent margin leakage.

With the advantage of our network, we brought together a team of financial modelling experts, renowned technical industry knowledge, and experienced margin assurance professionals. We built two strategic tools:

(1) A bespoke, granular margin model with 2.2bn data items, able to understand actual and expected gross margin down to individual supply points, as well as the root cause of any margin differences.

(2) A margin assurance & recovery framework for the end-to-end meter-to-cash journey, with the ability to identify, prevent and recover margin leakage.

Our client now has the most powerful margin intelligence in the B2B water market, enabling them to become the most profitable in their industry and self-sufficient for the future.