“Sustainability is fundamental for every facet of business, there is always a choice.” Bilal Sheikh, Managing Partner, Fortify & Partners. At Fortify & Partners, Sustainability is about choice, actions and behaviour. We believe in making a collective and collaborative difference to meet ambitious goals aligned with global governments, regulatory bodies, investors and customers. We want to make a difference – in the industries that affect all our lives and the world around us.

Our Priorities

Be a responsible business

Our Code, which shapes our values and culture, is used to measure the integrity of how we behave and how we make a difference. This also influences who we hire and work with across our network.

Make conscious decisions

Our business exists to create resilience and longevity for our clients which means we’re focused on driving sustainability within our business – across our partnerships, our clients, and in the wider context of the economy, climate and planet.

Deliver client solutions that add value

We apply our specialist skills to the things that matter most for our clients, above all building resilience. Our objective is to strengthen, enhance and increase value for the businesses playing a pivotal role in our future.

How do we Meet our Priorities?

Our own impact as a business

We don’t have a physical office space which reduces the use of energy and emission from travel. We offset our entire team’s personal and professional lives and continually plant trees in our company forest.

Across our network

  • We build partnerships with technology providers to resolve the most difficult challenges for our clients while affecting positive change in both operations and profitability.
  • We support the wider business start-up community through incubators, renewables and Infratech.

Our clients

  • We take the time to fully understand the priorities and pressures of our clients. It’s our duty to respond and support them by adding momentum to their initiatives so we can deliver results – together.
  • We develop client solutions that add value to their objectives such as sustainable investing, sustainable infrastructure, and meeting ambitious sustainable energy goals.
  • We believe in applying an ”action-based” model by providing strategy alongside insight and intelligence. This leads to the creation of real action, rather than merely strategy or change that isn’t tangible.

To explore further, please do get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.