Margin Intelligence

Empower all parts of your organisation with detailed margin insight.

What We Do

Large amounts of data and increasingly complex products and processes are obscuring the ability of organisations to understand where they are creating or eroding profits. Accurate insights are vital to ensure organisations take strategic and tactical decisions that deliver long-term value.

We build bespoke and granular margin and lifetime value models that provide powerful insight into margin performance and enable our clients to make confident decisions. Our models are designed to be used across all areas of an organisation with bespoke dashboards for different functions including customer service representatives, financial analysts and data teams.

We work with our clients to understand:

  • Which customers and products are most or least profitable – decreasing the overall margin
  • Hidden areas of profitability to achieve challenging targets
  • Drivers of profitability at a customer, product, geographic, channel level etc
  • Optimum resource models to support their operation
  • Opportunities to improve and personalise customer experience based on specific customer attributes

We Can Help With

Margin Models

We build detailed models that output the gap between expected and actual margin down to a transaction and customer level.

We have partnered with our clients to deliver models that:

  • Include all revenue and costs at a product, usage and transaction level
  • Can be rolled up to provide insight into the account, customer, geographic and sales channel
  • Provide multiple, bespoke data views creating personalised perspectives across the organisation from one source of the truth

Margin Intelligence gives you the power to understand whether you are making the margin expected, and the root cause of any margin erosion.

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Lifetime Value Models

Our value models enable our clients to understand profitability over a customer’s lifetime by apportioning all costs and revenues down to an individual customer level. We use algorithms enhanced by AI to predict future behaviour. This enables a true view of both profitability and lifetime value for each customer, from which customer cohort insight is obtained.

We have helped our clients to understand:

  • High and low-performing customer segments based on LV
  • ROI by customer cohort
  • The cost of acquiring and retaining customers at an individual and aggregate level
  • Churn propensity based on customer attributes
  • The drivers of in life cost management
  • Specific customer behaviours such as payment patterns, lifespan and usage
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  • Close expected vs. actual margin gaps for individual customers
  • Frontline access to enable real-time operational decisions
  • Increased company profitability
  • Enhanced customer value
  • Actionable insight
  • Predicted customer behaviours
  • Customer cohort analysis
  • Full apportionment of all costs


To explore further, please do get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.